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With more than 17 years of Experience in the field, I Began my career by trading in FINANCIAL STOCKS, COMMODITIES, FUTURES & OPTIONS and used Arbitrage strategies with various pairs of COMMEX, LME and FOREX over multiple markets across the globe. After successful Trading in the market i started offering advisory services online to Forex traders around the world and also introduced ROBOTIC fund management for them.On Client requests i also create personal EA Expert Adviser scripts.Our Forex investors across the world are strengthened financially and technologically by a partnership with us.

Our Relations

We have managed more than 5000 clients spread over 75 countries across the world.With our persistence over the years, we have provided them with more than 700 scripted EA Algorithms related to Automatic Trading System(ATS). Keeping in mind client convenience, provision of client support related resistance and support levels on client defined stocks, We have managed individual account funds of more than $2 million( H.N.I clients).

Our Values

We don’t believe in sales culture, but instead we believe in the service culture. Yes, time is precious, but we make the right decision just to save it.

Our Partners

Our services have been availed by more than 200 White Label’s and IB’s to enhance their client base by increasing their profits through our Robotic Trading and A.T.S. Our current daily turnover is more than $100 Million. Our partnerships include more than 16 Liquidity Providers across the Globe and technology providers such as(META QUOTES, ACT TRADER, NEST etc).

A Glimpse of Our Strategies

EA Alligator

Based on Alligator and MA indicators, with Moving Average trailing,works best on 1 hour time frame, best suited instrument is USDJPY

EMA 2 Crossover

Works on base of 2 EMA ( Exponential Moving Average), with money managment system TIMEFRAME BEST SUITED 1 HOUR


Best results in eurusd, time frame 1=hour, works on combination of 3 diff EMA’s crossover as well with MACD indicators

Euro Rider

Best if EUR/USD pair and H1 time-frame predefined Algorithmic logic performs to manage equity of client and gives stable profit with small draw down .

Follow Your Strategy Heart

Works best in 1 hour time frame in rangebound market. works on bases of Peridefined
Algorithmic logics


This EA places the buy and sell pending orders for daily breakout which compares previous day high or low candle.

High Low BreakOut

Breakout at high and low area
It will Enter Position on Breaks of Lows and Highs, If the break was correct then we’ll see our TP, If Not it will try to add Offset Depending on Orders input parameter, on every breaking of a low or high it will close all so we don’t need to set a stop loss, it will close all by changing the side.

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Custom Algos

We understand your needs and requirements, therefore, we build applications for your around your needs. Just provide us with your requirements, needs and conditions and leave the rest up to us.

Our Portfolio Performance

Having more than 300+ followers over the board, With a fiduciary duty to act with care, we always trade in the best interest of our clients, with the highest level of education, dedication & experience in the investment industry, we have generated highest returns of our clients.

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